Ruba K. Khader

نبذة: بكالوريوس علم الحياة (فرع الأحياء الدقيقة) من جامعة دمشق، ماجستير علم السموم المخبري من الجامعة الأردنية، عضوة في جمعية علم السموم السريري والجنائي في الأردن - مهتمة بمواضيع الإدمان والمخدرات وعلم السموم الجنائي. متطوعة في مبادرة "الباحثون السوريون" في أقسام الكيمياء والصيدلة والطب وترجمة الفيديو، وعضوة مجلس إدارة سابقا (حتى شباط ٢٠١٦).

With my background in Biological sciences, and Master's degree in Analytical Toxicology (The science of poisons applied to clinical and legal cases), plus a great amount of ambition and passion, towards achieving and co-creating a better society where science is a priority, I could make a difference; though little by myself, but a big difference with all my great colleagues in Syrian-Researchers- Initiative.
Our motto was from the beginning and still "We will re-write science in Arabic Language", We should all the time look to our society, to the young boys and girls in schools as well as older people from all walks of life.. We should talk to those people and convey scientific knowledge in a simple language, before thinking just of being members of the "Scientific Community" and talking to the Elite in foreign language and sophisticated terms.

I‘ve been a Member of the Board of Directors and an admin for the Medicine Group till February 2016, and now I am still an active member in the following Teams:
Medicine, Chemistry and Pharmacy, and subtitles for scientific videos.
I'm in love with Toxicology and whatever subjects related to drugs of abuse and forensic toxicology. I'm also a member of the Association of clinical and forensic toxicology in Jordan.

الأقسام: هل تعلم والإنفوغرافيك، الكيمياء والصيدلة، الفيديو، الموسيقى، الطب، بيولوجي

آخر عمل: 22/04/2017




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