About us

Syrian Researchers is a scientific network which addresses Arabic-speaking individuals and societies. It was established as an online-scientific network in 2012 by a group of expat Syrian academics, with the objective of raising both the scientific and academic awareness and to share knowledge through all readable, audible, and visual means.


Science Is the Solution

We deviate from the dialectical rhetoric of religion and politics, and resort to science instead.

Science is the alternative for problem-solving, as a scientific approach to a certain dilemma begins with an axiom, to form a hypothesis, and to consequentially generate a theory that can be either agreed upon or refuted.


With over 1,500 volunteers, more than 15,000 articles published to date, and by the number of readers and visitors, Syrian Researchers is the largest Arabic scientific assemblage on the internet today.

We essentially focus on:

-Publishing, translating scientific research.

-Creating visual content.

-Providing academic consultation through our volunteering experts and academics.

-Responding to readers’ inquiries.

-Organizing scientific fairs, and supporting scientific initiatives.

-developing partnerships.


Our values:

Credibility: we prioritize scientific and lingual accuracy and precision while transferring content.

Intellectual property: Sources of all content published by Syrian Researchers are detected, mentioned, and referenced, as it is our mission to ensure that no infringement of intellectual property is made.

Joint work: we cooperate with other scientific or academic initiatives and associations to achieve common goals.

Scientific method: we quintessentially rely on the scientific method, which can neutralize ideological differences through logical methods and facts.


Our departments:

Our highly qualified volunteer academics and experts: 22 PhDs, 126 MScs, 104 BScs and 100 senior undergraduates, work in 23 different scientific (content creating) departments:


Medicine Department.

Chemistry and Pharmacy Department.

Biology and Evolution Department.

Psychology Department.

Philosophy and Social Sciences Department.

Food & Nutrition Department.

Mathematics Department.

Physics & Astronomy Department.

Engineering Department.

Informatics Department.

Architecture and Construction Department.

Management and Economics Department.

Visual Arts Department.

Linguistics Department.

History and Archaeology Department.

Nature and Environmental Sciences Department.

Music Department.

Human Geography and Regional Sciences Department.

Sexual Education Department.

Books Reviews Department.

Arabic Language and Literature Department.

Scholars and Scholarships Department.

Scientific research and Methodology Department.


Supported by a team of artistic and technical experts in our departments of:

Graphic Design Department.

Voice Recording Department.

Multimedia Department.

Subtitling Department.


And four supporting departments:

Arabic Proofreading and Editing Department.

Editing and Publishing Department

Instagram Department

Archive Department


With the administrative departments of:

Human Resources Department.

Public Relations and Partnerships Department.

Promotion Department.

Media Office.

Website Developing Department.

Mentorship Department.

Operations in Syria.


They believe in us:

The efforts of our teams are the reason we received a number of support letters from scientists, researchers and academics from around the world:


- John Gurdon, Nobel laureate in physiology in 2012.

- Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, Nobel laureate in Chemistry in 2009.

- Jim Al Khalili, Professor of Theoretical Physics and chairperson in the Public Engagement in Science at the University of Surrey.

- Carl-Henrik Heldin, Current professor of Molecular Cell Biology in the University of Uppsala and previous chairperson in Nobel International Organization.



“I will be pleased if you say that I strongly support the efforts you are making to explain the current advances in science to the people of Syria”.

-John Gurdon


“The project is a great opportunity to share a lot of ideas in a simple language with many people in the Arab society”.

-Jim Al Khalili


Our network was made guest in numerous interviews in the local, regional, and global media, mainly after the launch of our website, which occupied top ranks on the regional scale in record time.


Cooperate with us:

With its variant platforms, and an audience that primarily consists of students and graduates in all scientific and occupational fields, Syrian Researchers presents a unique milieu, that welcomes the work with other associations and initiatives to employ the available resources in order to achieve mutual goals.


Collaborating with Syrian Researchers will allow you to benefit from the consultation of specialists in more than 20 scientific, social, and occupational domains, such as developing training, scientific and educational materials. in addition to conducting statistical and tracing studies, as well as a real and direct access to its audience. You can also benefit from content creation and translation services to many languages, in addition to other technical and artistic services such as graphic design, video editing, and producing live and animated 2D and 3D movies.


For more information: Partnership with Syrian Researchers