Syrian Researchers is a scientific network addressing the Arabic speaking individuals and societies. It was launched by a group of academics in Syria and abroad to raise the scientific and academic level of the Syrian society in particular and in the Arab one in general, and to spread science in all readable, audible and visual means. Today, Syrian Researchers is considered the largest Arabic scientific assemblage on the internet by its quantity of daily-published scientific content and by the number of its followers and visits.

The activities of Syrian Researchers can be divided into several domains: publishing and translating local and international scientific research, developing scientific visual content in an attractive and modern way, responding to readers’ inquiries and providing academic and scientific consolations, in addition to organizing scientific activities and fairs and developing partnerships with direct or indirect added value. Scientific method, work organizing and having faith in our goals are credited for our pioneering role in the Arab world.

Our Slogan: Science is the Solution

People will always have different thoughts in religious and political issues, and all of these thoughts will remain under discussion. However, when people disagree about something in science they turn to logic and its basic principles, moving from an axiom to form a hypothesis then a theory they can all agree upon.

Our Values:

  • CREDIBILITY : By a team of specialists in all the scientific fields, we work carefully to ensure the scientific and lingual accuracy while transferring information and news.
  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY : We will always respect the rights of intellectual property for all materials used on its website, by detecting the original sources, mentioning them and seeking translation and publishing permissions.
  • JOINT WORK : We cooperate with other associations and initiatives working in the scientific and academic field to achieve the common goals.
  • SCIENTIFC METHOD : Which depends on the scientific facts and logical methods and neutralizes the political and religious differences in the scientific field.

Our Departments:

Our highly qualified volunteer academics and experts: 22 PhDs, 126 MScs, 104 BScs and 100 senior undergraduates, work in 20 scientific (content creating) departments:

  1. Medicine Department: Dr. Tamim Alsuliman
  2. Pharmacy and Chemistry Department: Managed by Ms. Ruba Khalaf
  3. Biology and Evolution: Managed by Mr. Ghadeer Jdeed
  4. Psychology Department: Managed by Mr. Abdullah Albeirakdar
  5. Philosophy and Social Sciences Department: Managed by Ms. Dania Mulki
  6. Nutrition Department: Managed by Dr. Hasan Iessa
  7. Mathematics Department: Managed by Mr. Muhammad Sulieman
  8. Physics & Astronomy Department: Managed by Mr. Abdalla Dabdoub
  9. Engineering Department: Managed by Mr. Mouhammad Abou Moussa
  10. Informatics Department: Managed by Eng. Sandra Sukariah
  11. Architecture and Construction Department: Managed by Eng. Ghaith Fateh
  12. Economy Department: Managed by Mr. Sulieman AL-Rustom
  13. Art and Heritage Department: Managed by Ms. Mirna Wahbi
  14. Linguistics Department: Managed by Mr. Alaa Youzbashi
  15. History Department: Managed by Ms. Hanin Khalaf
  16. Nature and Environmental Sciences Department: Managed by Mr. Ali Hydar
  17. Music Department: Managed by Dr. Hussam Sultan
  18. Scientific Misc Department: Managed by Mr. Yazan Nassif
  19. Sexual Education Department: Managed by Ms. Oula Suleiman
  20. Books Reviews Department: Managed by Mr. Al Waleed Kerdie

Supported by a team of artistic and technical experts in our departments of:

  1. Graphic Design Department: Managed by Mr. Kinan Al-Sakka
  2. Voice Recording Department: Managed by Mr. Naji Sulaiman
  3. Multimedia Department: Managed by Mr. Laith Abbas
  4. Subtitling Department: Managed by Ms. Samah Mohammad

With other administrative departments:

  1. Human Resources Department: Managed by Ms. Ruba Aljendi
  2. Public Relations and Partnerships Department: Managed by Dr. Amer Saleh
  3. Promoting Department: Managed by Eng. George Kafa
  4. Media Office: Managed by Mr. Yahya Saleh
  5. Website Developing Department: Managed by Omar Alshaker
  6. Mentorship Department: Managed by Eng. Abdullah Mahmoud
  7. Operations in Syria: Managed By Mr. Mouayad Hijazi

They Believe in Us:

We receive many letters of support from local Syrian students and academics every day. However, the efforts of our team were also a reason to receiving other messages from a group of scientists, researchers and academics from around the world:

- John Gurdon, Nobel laureate in physiology in 2012.

- Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, Nobel laureate in Chemistry in 2009.

- Jim Al Khalili, Professor of Theoretical Physics and chairperson in the Public Engagement in Science at the University of Surrey.

- Carl-henrik Heldin, Current professor of Molecular Cell Biology in the University of Uppsala and previous chairperson in Nobel International Organization.

The network was made guest in numerous interviews in the local and global media especially after the launching of the website, which exceeded in a period of record the top 50-visited websites from Syria.

“I will be pleased if you say that I strongly support the efforts you are making to explain the current advances in science to the people of Syria”

John Gurdon

“The project is a great opportunity to share a lot of ideas in a simple language with many people in the Arab society”

Jim Al Khalili

Cooperate With Us:

With its different platforms, Syrian Researchers provides a special environment addressing all age groups of the Syrian and Arab society, with an audience that is mainly consisted of students and graduates in all scientific and occupational fields. Syrian Researchers will always be pleased to work with other associations to achieve the best use of the available resources to reach the common goals.

Collaborating with Syrian Researchers will allow you to benefit from consulting expertise provided by its specialists in more than 20 scientific, social and occupational domain such as developing training, scientific and educational materials, In addition to conducting statistical and tracing studies, as well as a real and direct access to its audience. You can also benefit from content creation and translation services to many languages, in addition to other technical and artistic services such as graphic design, video editing and producing live and animated 2D and 3D movies.

For more information: Partnership with Syrian Researchers